About Us

We believe everyone deserves financial freedom. To us, freedom means control over your financial future - you dream it, we'll help you live it. We are especially focused on helping women navigate challenges with their money. Whether you are looking for a financial professional who understands you or are interested in a career opportunity that puts you in charge of your income without having to negotiate pay raises or sacrifice flexibility, we want to help you explore your options.

Our team values collaboration with our clients. We know it's easier to go together, than alone, and we are ready to be your co-pilot. We listen to understand your unique situation so we can build a custom plan for you, at whatever stage you are at in life. We remove the jargon and help you feel empowered to make confident financial decisions. Once your plan is in place, our relationship is just getting started. As you experience life, we'll be there to plan through the ups and downs, to ensure your financial plan is always relevant and growing with you.

We know women have unique challenges when it comes to their money and careers. That's why we are building a team of women in financial services. If you're interested in hearing more, we'd love to talk.